At PERFECT, quality control and product inspection is given great importance. The company has employed highly skilled people for inspecting the raw materials and the finished products. Our employees have detailed knowledge relating to the requirements of ISO 14145 and ISO 12757 for gel tips and ballpoint tips respectively and they make sure that the quality of our final product meets the international standards of quality.

Our company has established its name in India and the international market for providing one of the finest quality tips. This has been possible due to the relationship we have built with our customers. Our engineers are regularly sent to the manufacturing / assembling units of our different customers to understand precisely the kind and the quality of the product required and also to gain knowledge about the new quality control measures that are developed from time to time. Similarly, if needed, the engineers of our customers are invited to our unit to set the quality and type of tips required by them.

Advanced writing test machines in our units regularly check the quality of our product. Apart from making sure that the quality of the raw materials and the finished products are of the finest quality, we also focus on the quality of our packaging. We have developed a standardized system of packaging and delivering our products that makes sure that the tips delivered to our customers are in good condition and on time.